Tenant maintenance denied in Los Angeles

March 30, 2018

Los Angeles-

This is what the Los Angeles city code enforcement site says they investigate:

“Vertical supports unstable or deteriorated”
“Electrical service requires maintenance
“Electrical wiring disconnected or abandoned”
“Premises not maintained in safe or sanitary condition”

This is what the city rent control site says describing “housing services”:

“…services connected with the use or occupancy of a rental unit including but not limited to…ordinary repairs or replacement, and maintenance….resident manager…other benefits, privileges or facilities”

So why can’t Black tenants get maintenance to the intercom after complaining over three years, while intercoms of ten white tenants were freely replaced?


To see additional discussions about what is fair housing and to see copies of posted Videos, click   Youtube channel “Davey GJuanvalldez”


Civil rights. City Los Angeles Employee code inspector Robert Galardi under Mayor Eric Garcetti with a host of other employees admitted by letter March 6, 2017 that numerous Black tenants were deprived of due process rights and never served with a THP application before vacating their units from 2014-2017, proving that city officials conspired with property owners to deprive mostly Black tenants of rights under the city tenant habitability ordinance. Remember the Tuskegee syphilis experiment on Blacks? However, the county District Attorney refuses to prosecute those responsible.


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Re Black Lives Matter at Hi Point St

With hope that these tragedies propel you into action rather than paralyze you, I share these resources with the goal of dismantling racial oppression in all its forms.

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President Obama And Systemic Racism: White House Segregation Plan Questioned By African-American Realtors

President Obama And Systemic Racism: White House Segregation Plan Questioned By African-American Realtors.

America Systematic Racism

New Site Los Angeles Housing and Rent Control


What are the advantages and disadvantages to renting rent controlled apartments?


LA Affordable Housing and Rent Control

Tax credit apartment income requirements change every year

For example income limits for 2012 Los Angeles County are median $64,800, for one person the 50% limit is $29,500, 60% limit is $35,460; New York County is median $65,000, 50% is $29,300 and 60% is $35,160. See this HUD site for calculations: http://www.huduser.org/portal/datasets/il.html. The limits for your city may be different so check with the City Housing authority and the management of local housing units. Numerous tenants have complained about rents going up unexpectedly. Ask for the rules, read them, and demand the building owners follow them. Start a tenant association in your building if necessary [hint: constitutional freedom of association].

Watch the newest Youtube Video on Rittenhouse Square

Questions for President “Cracked Daddy” Obama on Rittenhouse Square and Universal Healthcare.


I was down at the courthouse a few days ago…About eight new documentson the corrupt activity of public officials have been added to the website http://www.not-hud-compliant.spaces.live.com….HUD officialswere notified last June of the non-compliance of CTCAC and Thomas Safran Associates’ tax credit apartment properties. Again the following HUD officials were asked for help by fax November 11 , 2009. None of the following officials have yet to respond: John E. Hall, Melanie Marston, Lee A. Palman, Frances W. Bush, Millicent C. Grant….are they acting in concert with those who violate the regulations or are they just being non-responsive?…Stay tuned.

Updates and Damage Claims

Around January 18 we will have some major updates out so stay tuned! In the meantime the California tax credit allocation committee has indicated it will release over 500 pages of documents in response to a public records request concerning state and HUD non-compliance of tax credit apartment property Rittenhouse Square (owned by Brentwood California’s Thomas Safran Associates “TSA”). There are many allegations against Rittenhouse Square including its refusal to exclude sporadic overtime and bonus of a Black applicant. Tax credit allocation committee documents indicate “many” complaints and questions about this issue; even though the problem appears widespread, California Attorney General Jerry Brown has refused to take action. It is the tax credit allocation committee who claimed it will not investigate complaints against tax credit apartment owners made by applicants and tenants. TSA has admitted destroying the applications of applicants, many of whom are Black, Hispanic, or physically challenged…HUD has been served with numerous records requests. One request asked HUD to supply records verifying its own websites but HUD responded that it had no records…A fair employment housing complaint names numerous state and local agencies over state and HUD non-compliance by Thomas Safran Associates’ Rittenhouse Square. The complaint was received by the Oakland office December 9 2009. The Governor’s office of Constituent Affairs is also named. HUD policy requires income that is sporadic and unpredictable be excluded from the calculation of annual income at tax credit properties. Ritenhouse and CTCAC have refused to follow that policy. The state tax allocation committee so far will release over 500 pages of documents but has refused to release voice recordings as required by state law. This agency is the one who said it would not take complaints from the public against tax credit apartments. HUD and the IRS have been silent on this lack of oversight. Ever heard of Watergate?…A claim for damages has been filed against the Internal Revenue Service for its inaction against the HUD non-compliance of Rittenhouse Square in Los Angeles. Numerous local, state,and federal agencies are named including the office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The claim was received by the IRS Dec 14 2009…A damage claim has been filed against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his inaction against HUD non-compliance of state contractor Rittenhouse Square at 3300 Central Avenue in Los Angeles; the claim is also filed against the state tax credit allocation committee. See the claim under the Public folder this site. The claim for damages against the Governor is posted on website http://www.not-hud-compliant.spaces.live.com.