Today’s appearance on CBS

At 11:31 p.m. this appeared from John 272 after the article “(60 minutes reporter by name)…weighs in on health care”:

Great research and you put it just right! Fraud is in many segments of government and many things that government touches. My research shows the low income housing tax credit program since 1989 (LIHTCP) is also full of fraud. This is the program where millions of federal, state, and local dollars go to construct “affordable income” apartments and private investors get in return millions of dollars in tax credits. Of course HUD and the IRS are involved because the housing owners are supposed to be in compliance with government regulations under HUD 4350 and 24 CFR 5.609(a). Congress knows that properties and companies like Urban Futures, Rittenhouse Square Los Angeles, and Thomas Safran Associates, as a pattern and practice, disregard federal regulations and there is no government oversight or any agency that takes complaints from applicants.
There is no equal protection for citizens.



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