Tenant maintenance denied in Los Angeles

March 30, 2018

Los Angeles-

This is what the Los Angeles city code enforcement site says they investigate:

“Vertical supports unstable or deteriorated”
“Electrical service requires maintenance
“Electrical wiring disconnected or abandoned”
“Premises not maintained in safe or sanitary condition”

This is what the city rent control site says describing “housing services”:

“…services connected with the use or occupancy of a rental unit including but not limited to…ordinary repairs or replacement, and maintenance….resident manager…other benefits, privileges or facilities”

So why can’t Black tenants get maintenance to the intercom after complaining over three years, while intercoms of ten white tenants were freely replaced?


To see additional discussions about what is fair housing and to see copies of posted Videos, click   Youtube channel “Davey GJuanvalldez”


Civil rights. City Los Angeles Employee code inspector Robert Galardi under Mayor Eric Garcetti with a host of other employees admitted by letter March 6, 2017 that numerous Black tenants were deprived of due process rights and never served with a THP application before vacating their units from 2014-2017, proving that city officials conspired with property owners to deprive mostly Black tenants of rights under the city tenant habitability ordinance. Remember the Tuskegee syphilis experiment on Blacks? However, the county District Attorney refuses to prosecute those responsible.


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