Coming a separate page listing those who were served with Public Records Requests

Look for our special section listing those public officials who have not responded to the Public Records Requests regarding Thomas Safran Associates and Rittenhouse Square’s non-compliance with HUD state and federal tax credit apartment properties regulations. A claim for damages is anticipated to be filed.

Senator Diane Feinstein and Jerry Brown Questioned on Youtube


Youtube broadcasts question Governor’s role in HUD non-compliance

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Senator Feinstein Says She’ll Tell Arnold

Sen Feinstein to Gov Oct 23

What state employee said it?

Committee members should be removed, Gov

Who is the tax credit allocation committee employee…

Damage claim on the way

California Governor and Bill Lockyer’s Tax Credit Allocation Committee have not provided documents as requested under the Public Records Act. The tax credit committee was notified today that a $1 million claim for damages will be filed naming the Governor, TCAC, Thomas Safran Associates, and the Mayor and Council of Los Angeles for failing to respond to the three requests. Thomas Safran and Urban Futures manage/monitor thousands of apartments in Los Angeles and have admitted to intentionally not complying with state and federal affordable housing tax credit regulations.

The failure to provide equal protection

Each state has a governing agency set up to distribute millions of dollars in pre-construction federal and state funds and millions in after construction federal tax credits. For California the agency is the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee. Website:

Why hasn’t CTCAC, the Governor and his Office of Constituent Affairs, Bill Lockyer, Jerry Brown, and the state legislature, provided a mechanism to resolve applicant complaints of HUD and CTCAC non-compliance against tax credit apartment properties/monitors like Rittenhouse Square, Thomas Safran Associates, and Urban Futures?