The California Public Records Act Requests: Who and What

The California Public Records Act is a law governing the release of records held by local and state government agencies and contractors. The law states, “…the Legislature…finds and declares that access to information concerning the conduct of the people’s business is a fundamental and necessary right of every person in this state.” An entity that receives such request must respond within 10 days from receipt of the request. If there is no response to the request, any person may institute proceedings for injunctive or declarative relief or writ of mandate in any court of competent jurisdiction to enforce his or her right to inspect or to receive a copy of any public records allowed.

Records requests concerning Thomas Safran Associates and Rittenhouse Square [government contractors] were served October 8, 2009, October 18, October 19 and Dec. 9. A Notice of Failure to respond was issued December 6, 2009.

Rittenhouse Square and the state tax credit allocation committee have been charged with acting in concert to deny a tax credit affordable apartment to a Black applicant after HUD regulations determined the Black to be income eligible. The Black applicant filed a compliant with the tax credit committee only to be told there would be no investigation of his complaint; but state and federal law require that the committee report such complaints to the IRS.

    The committee’s (“CTCAC”) Rose Guerrero wrote that the Black applicant would not take “no” for an answer and she asked “can we refuse to take his phone calls?”

Numerous government agencies and officials have been asked since July 2009 to take action against Thomas Safran Associates and Rittenhouse Square for their state and federal non-compliance. No action has been revealed to stop the entities from the unfair treatment of applicants, Blacks, and others. Many have compared this 1986 program to the one Congress is considering as takeover of the health care industry and the type of treatment patients will receive from the government. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s CTCAC has been called the “secret society“.

The public records act requests have not been responded to nor has the non-compliance of Rittenhouse Square, and others acting in concert, been addressed. Those public officials and/or government contractors served with the requests and having not responded are: Timothy Geitner, CA Attorney General Edmund G. Brown and staff; Thomas Safran Associates, Thomas L. Safran, Hart Comess-Daniels, Heather Dillard, Rachel Evans, Meny Gonzales, Andrew David Gross, Ramonita Izaguirre, Thelma Kelly, Goar Khachatryan, Stacey Knapp, Tyler Monroe, Edik Nazarian, Sarah Parsa, Jordan Pines, Michelle Reddeg, Monica Topacio; Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and staff; California Tax Credit Allocation Committee: Bill Lockyer, Michael C. Genest, John Chiang, L. Steven Spears, Lynn L. Jacobs, David Rutledge, Christopher Armenta, William J. Pavao, Lisa Vergolini, Anny Beeson, Ed Johnson, Gina Ferguson, Elaine Johnson, Velia Martinez, David Navarrette, Benjamin Schwartz, Jack Waegell, Anthony Zeto, Rose Guerrero, Angel Barragan, Generoso Deguzman, Carol Douglas, Mayra Lozano, Shannon Nardinelli, Georgene Pamerin, Adam Sartain, Biu Wong, Ammer Singh, Stephen Bellotti, Phyllis Blanton, Elizabeth Gutierrez, Noemy Iniguez, Quang Le, John Lee, Kelly Luu, Kole Tefft, Tiffani Armstrong, Diana Hester, Nicole Valenzuela. State Treasurer’s Office: Bill Lockyer, Steve Coony, Katie Carroll, Bettina Redway, Tricia Wynne, Mark “advising violation of the law” Paxson, Tom Dresslar, Diane Stanton, Hugo Lopez, Debbie Sequeira, Michelle Cameron, Christopher Sneed, Rebecca Grajski, Chris Post, Mark Hariri, Andre Rivera, Vernon Brewer, Keith Kato, Bob Sonnier, John Martin, Kristin Szakaly-Moore, Tom Dresslar, Alice Scott, Joe DeAnda, Alethea Lewis, Charles Winters, William Love, Vic Newquist, Dan Dowell, Chris Solich, Pam Milliron, Blake Fowler, Jeanne Trujillo, Julie Giordano. Deanne Brown, Geoff Palmertree, Francisco Lujano, Shirley Sneed, Tracey Paine, Manish Patel. Los Angeles Mayor and Council: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Ed Reyes, Dennis P. Zine, Tom LaBonge, Paul Korentz, Tony Cardenas, Richard Alarcon, Bernard Parks, Jan Perry, Herb J. Wesson Jr., Bill Rosendahl, Greig Smith, Eric Garcetti, Jose Huizar, Janice Hahn. Urban Futures (contractor): Douglas Anderson, Jon Huffman, Marshall Linn, Anita McCarty, Martha A. Lopez, Steve Dukett, Michael Busch, Vallie Sears, Jennifer Helbock, Eileen Jones.

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