Appearances on other sites 12/01/09 7:28 pm “The Odd Couple of Education Reform”

“Gingrich and Sharpton might try to gain some reform of the chaotic and corrupt tax credit allocation housing apartment program run by the IRS, HUD, and various state agencies. If you are an applicant with a concern, you will get the usual circus like run around where no state or federal agency knows who is in charge.”

See Page 10 LAHCID Corrupt in Random Lengths Newspaper

[As seen in Random Lengths Newspaper, p. 10, Oct 1 -14 Issue, available on Facebook]

Letter to the Editor. “The President Barack Obama has done a lot of posturing about race claims but when has he sought to give the civil rights agencies more enforcement power? Local, state, and federal agencies for the most part are not only not serious about eliminating employment and housing discrimination, doing more harm than good, they are also incapable. I have found, particularly in California, that government agencies like the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department [discriminatory at best, corrupt at the least] instead do all they can to stop discrimination/housing complaints before they even get to the complaint stage, a clear violation of federal law.

“In one Los Angeles case a property owner allegedly hired an air force base employee to falsely retaliate and characterize as “terrorists” those tenants who complained about housing discrimination.

“If I should become Mayor or Governor, before even stopping for breakfast, I would sign an order disbanding 99% of the government administrative agencies. In their place I would support evening and weekend court hours, hiring more judges, making ten percent of all Judges non-attorneys, and opening up the courts by eliminating all court filing fees. Let everyone jam their complaints into the court system (“sue for free”) before a jury of their peers. I would support lowering property taxes by half a percent and an increased tax on cigarettes and alcohol to pay for this change in government.

“It is no surprise that with the rise in claims alleging racism by Police, many Americans feel their only recourse is to take their grievances to the streets. No wonder it is reported that there are “over two million instances of discrimination a year, but fewer than one per cent are reported.” referrer= Federal equal employment opportunity [“EEOC”] complaints can take up to eight months to two years to get to an investigator, and in many cases the end result will be “insufficient evidence”. This is unacceptable in a so-called civilized society.”

[As seen in Random Lengths Newspaper, p. 10, Oct 1 -14 Issue, available on Facebook]

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